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An Evening with the Ukulele Evangelists

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The Show

Riotous comedy cabaret of live music, festive high jinks and feral puppetry brought to you by tweedy funksters The Ukulele Evangelists.

Stars of the Edinburgh Festival and winners of the coveted Uke Of Edinburgh Award, The Ukulele Evangelists bring you an evening of ludicrous happenings to get you in the holiday mood good and proper.

This show can be performed at any time of year – we have a Christmas special, which includes free Christmas pudding hats, or a Spring/Summer jamboree that comes with added sun cream.

There are Badgers Giving It Large, Funk and Soul classics played as you’ve never heard them before – on virtuoso Ukulele and thrash Tamborine. Plus a ballet on street scooters.

Oh, and we also summon up the Spirit of Elvis.

Bring your Granny, bring your mates, bring people you barely even know who need cheering-up to this evening of joyous silliness.

And did we mention there are Prizes! Oh Yes, Prizes galore!


Plus, if you want to see a Badger trying to improve his Shakespearean verse speaking – which, frankly, you’d be an idiot not to want to see – watch this:

From Twitter:

‘somewhere between a Women’s Institute lecture and a Bacchic frenzy’

‘fantastic comedy actors… zany, mad and hilarious’

‘brilliant… by far the most original and refreshing thing I’ve seen this Edinburgh festival’

‘the best piece of theatre I’ve EVER seen. totally mad and totally brilliant’

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