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In a small hall somewhere in England, a slide show is beginning. A series of ‘cultural’ photographs is presented by an enthusiastic husband and wife team.
The theme? Ancient Greece.

But their innocent dabbling accidentally unleashes a potent ancient force – Dionysus, God of wine and revelry – a force hidden for centuries, a force many would rather see buried again… and so the innocents become embroiled in a battle to the death, caught between the God of free expression and the evil forces of suppression.

Let the chaos begin.

This is a hilariously funny, incredibly inventive piece of visual, physical theatre for all ages.

Jammed full of music – live and recorded – twisted puppet gods, vocal acrobatics, gravity-defying dance, a set that is more of a character in itself, a complex soundscape that runs throughout the piece, comedy talking cheeses, an underwater scene and a singing guinea pig.

And the world premiere of a new high-speed ballet – on street scooters.



‘dazzling inventiveness from start to finish… sinister and orgiastic… an evening by turns menacing, hilarious, melancholy and thrilling… a mixture of laughter and poignancy that Chaplin would have been proud of’
Venue Magazine

‘an audacious charmer… inspired theatre… sharp wit, clever invention and much sublime physical comedy…

performed with grace and great skill’
The Stage

‘very unusual – and very funny’
Liverpool Daily Post

‘a richly comic evening… genuine visual wit’
Plymouth Evening Herald

‘If you see only one show this month, head to BAC for the Slide Show… mesmerizing… a triumph’
Wandsworth Guardian

‘this is divine comedy… one of the most finely tuned pieces of performance theatre I have ever had the pleasure to watch…

you’ve got to see it to believe the lengths that performers Fiona Creese and Nick Tigg have gone to to provide an unsurpassable evening of entertainment…

this really is as good as it gets…

there is a God, and he has sent us Slide Show, that we might live again’
The Virtual Brighton Magazine

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