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About the show

An immersive, multi-sensory experience for 0’s-6’s and their families, with live performance and accompanying book


SNUG is a fully immersive show. Audiences enter a space where real trees, undulating hills, far reaching vistas, and a beautiful soundtrack instantly transport you to a magical forest, surrounded by the inviting textures and smells of a natural woodland.

It’s easy to lose yourself in the space, rolling down the gentle hills, touching the trees, or just sitting and listening to the subtly changing soundscape of birds and other woodland activities – with a bit of magical ambient sound to still the mind.

The space is open all day, so families can go in at any time to explore the forest and enjoy the changing soundtrack – it’s a show that’s ideal for repeat visits. Five times a day there is a 20-minute performance, bringing to life the book written specifically for this piece, SNUG, a gorgeous tale of a Hedgehog looking for a place to hibernate and meeting other animals in the forest before finally finding their own cosy bed of leaves.

It’s a story rooted in the natural world, and a way for very young children to learn about the wildlife on their own doorsteps.

The show is flexible, and free-standing, so can adapt to odd-shaped spaces of different sizes, whether that’s a studio or a bigger area.

It also comes with accompanying craft activities and a book to take home, and was created following the Green Theatre Book guidelines.

The show was originally commissioned by The Point, Eastleigh, where it did a 2-week run in the Studio space in December 2022.

‘This was such a hugely successful project for us and a highlight of the last year. It identified a real need in our community for this kind of activity and it will feature each year as part of our regular programme. All of the work we produce will be using the Green Theatre book and Slot Machine really paved the way for us to achieve this’

Charlotte Hall, Creative Director, The Point and The Berry Theatre

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